The Fallen

Llantrisant First World War Dead

P Ajax, Private, Monmouthshire Regiment
JB Bartlett, Corporal, Welsh Regiment/Machine Gun Corps
RJ Bartlett, Private, Welsh Regiment
FJ Brookling, Able Seaman, Royal Navy
E Bold, Private, Royal Sussex
H Callow, Private, Welsh Regiment
S Collins, Private, Shropshire Light Infantry
WR Cox, Private, Yorkshire & Lancashire Regiment
JM Cox, Private, South Wales Borderers
JD Cooper, Lance Corporal, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
H Cornish, Private, Welsh Regiment
G Cotton, Private, Welsh Regiment
JW Dale, Private, Cheshire Regiment
J Davey, Private, Manchester Regiment
AB Davies, Lance Corporal, South Wales Borderers
D Davies, Private, Gloucester Regiment
E Davies, Private, South Lancashire Regiment
JA Evans, Pvt, South Wales Borderers
P Edmunds, Private, Royal Fusiliers
J Flynn, Private, Welsh Regiment
HJ Gardner, Company Sergeant Major, 2nd Mon
IG Gibson, 2nd Lieutenant, West Yorkshire/Royal Flying Corps
WJ Grimes, Private, Wiltshire Regiment
T Griffiths, Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
WJ Harry, Private, Welsh Regiment
Hawkins, TEO 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Air Force
O Heropath, 2nd Engineer, Merchant Navy
J Higgins, Sapper, Royal Engineers
EJ Holborn, Private, Welsh Regiment
TE Howell, Lance Corporal, Welsh Regiment
NA Hughes, Captain, Welsh Regiment
AC James, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
I Jenkins, Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
WE Jacob, Private, Royal Fusiliers
E Jones, Private, Welsh Guards
TJ Jones, Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
H Jones, Private, Welsh Regiment
E John, Sergeant, Machine Gun Corps
T John, Lance Corporal, South Wales Borderers
HJ Lake, Lance Corporal, The Buffs
GT Langford, Corporal. Royal Welsh Fusiliers
GW Lewis, Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
LC Lerway, Stoker, Royal Naval Reserve
CR McGregor, Lieutenant, South Wales Borderers
KC McGregor, Lieutenant, Kings Own Regiment
A Maine, Private, Welsh Regiment
J McGuire, Private, East Lancashire Regiment
WN Morgan, Private, Royal Field Artillery
JH Morgan, Private, Welsh Regiment
I Morris, Private, Welsh Regiment
F Newton, Lance Corporal. Welsh Regiment
J Osborne, Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
WJ Paulk, Private, South Wales Borderers
A Rosser, Sergeant, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
E Rees, Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
RT Rawlings, Private, Gordon Highlanders
AE Rawlings, Captain, Mountain Military Police
C Toze, Private, Devonshire Regiment
R Thomas, Private, Royal Irish Regiment
W Thomas, Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
F Vickery, Corporal, Welsh Regiment
J Watkins, Private, Royal Irish Regiment
HC Watts, Private, Welsh Regiment
J Wile, Private, Welsh Regiment
I Williams, Sergeant Major, Rifle Brigade
M Williams, Private, Welsh Regiment
TP Williams, Guardsman, Machine Gun Corps
WJ Williams, Corporal, Welsh Guards
AT Williamson, Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
WA Withers, Private, Welsh Regiment

Llantrisant Second World War Dead

David Evan Bendle, Private, South Wales Borderers
John Howell Davies, Trooper, 25th Dragoons
Selwyn Lloyd Davies, Gunner, Royal Artillery
Glyndwr Evans, Able Seaman, Royal Navy
Justin Stuart Grabham, Flight Sergeant, Royal Air Force
Trevor E. Jenkins, Telegraphist, Royal Navy
Roy Arthur Jones, Able Seaman, Royal Navy
Charles Jacob Land, Sergeant, Cameroonians
George James Boyd Masters, Major Distinguished Service Order, Royal Horse

Artillery 7th Armour Division
Thomas David Meggins, Private, Royal Artillery
Raymond Henry Richards, Able Seaman, Royal Navy
Leighton Mansel Stone, Sergeant, Royal Air Force
Frederick Taylor, Corporal, Royal Air Force
Colin Alfred Thomas, Corporal, Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders
Ernest Donald Westcott, Trooper, Kings Royal Irish Hussars
Norman Westcott, LA, Royal Navy
Thomas James Wilkins, Lieutenant, Welsh Regiment
John Geraint Williams, 3rd Officer, Merchant Navy
Iris Betty Stillman, Wren, Royal Navy

Palestine 1946

Thomas Hayes, Private, South Wales Borderers

Italy 1946

Ronald Saunders, Driver, Royal Army Service Corps

Korea 1952

GP Goodfield, Private, Kings Regiment